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An Introduction to the Dipswitch Demos Blog

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Hey guys, welcome back to Dipswitch Demos my name is Jacksooo...... Oh that's weird, I’m not in front of a camera but behind a keyboard!

Welcome to my first ever blog! My aim with this is to keep it honest, light-hearted, maybe a little funny but also share some of my thoughts around guitar and music. Hopefully I can raise some interesting topics, start discussion within the guitar community and you might even find it a little educational and inspiring. Initially this will be a direct extension of my Dipswitch Demos YouTube channel; expanding on videos in more depth for some “further reading” and sharing more personal opinions on the gear that comes through my door.

So where’s this all coming from?

I wanted another outlet for Dipswitch. Somewhere I could really expand the brand and a place where you could get to know me better and maybe I can even get to know you guys more.

However, I cannot claim all the credit for this blog idea… My girlfriend Georgia was the real catalyst. A blog is something I had never even considered as I don’t regularly read any. Upon further investigation and a little push from Georgia, I figured this format would really suit me.

Strangely, the other spark for this idea was a piece of furniture! I bought myself a desk. Before now I have always worked, edited, recorded, wrote while either sat on the sofa or even on my bed. This was actually beginning to get me down as I couldn’t get in the right headspace to be productive. It's crazy how much difference it has made to have a dedicated space for being productive and creative. I’ve had so many new ideas while sat at this desk.

You may notice that along with this blog comes a new website and mailing list. I want the website to act as a hub for everything Jackson and everything Dipswitch. This site will be the home for the Blog but you will also find my YouTube and Instagram content here as well. It’s also the best place for you to get in contact with me. Again I cannot claim credit for the website, Georgia is pretty handy when it comes to website design so again I thank her for getting this started and giving me the kick up the arse I needed.

The mailing list is probably the scariest part for me as I don’t understand it at all! However this is going to be a great thing for you guys to sign up to and stay up to date with my content. Down the line I will also be doing some mailing list exclusives, giveaways and maybe early access to bits and bobs so get yourselves signed up!

The heart of Dipswitch Demos will still be the YouTube channel but I wanted a place where everything could be found and that gives me a platform to expand.

What can I expect from the blog?

Like I said earlier, initially this will be a direct expansion on some of the YouTube videos; tips & tricks, pedal talk and more in-depth analysis. Moving on from there I am very eager to expand further out from the guitar and pedal world. I’d love to talk about general music, my experiences with music production and song-writing and other bits of audio and technology. Maybe even the odd piece completely unrelated to music. My other passions in life are movies, food, cars, Formula 1, video games and loads more. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in the future.

One of the most exciting possibilities moving forward is inviting guest writers either write their own pieces on a chosen topic or in a more interview style structure. I am very lucky to have made loads of friends doing Dipswitch Demos within the industry from session guys, pedal builders, shop owners and just generally good guys. I have especially got to know a lot of the younger, up-and-coming UK guys & girls (like myself) and I’d love to be able to share their work and give them a platform to express their passions in a new way.

What does this mean moving forward?

I am really excited about this new venture and especially eager to get started writing regular blogs. I have always enjoyed writing and I’ve always been told I have a very easy-to-read and casual writing style which is probably well suited to blogging. Obviously this is a brand new thing for me and there may be some teething problems as we get underway, but I really believe this is going to be an integral part of Dipswitch moving forward.

I don’t really know how regularly I will be doing blog posts, we will have to see what I am comfortable with and what sort of topics I come up. That being said if you have any ideas/requests then please get in touch!

Signing off…

If this all seems like something you could be interested in then stay tuned! Sign up to the mailing list, save this site to your bookmarks and follow me on my various socials. Of course YouTube is still the number one place to find my stuff, my aim is just to make the Dipswitch brand much bigger and to give it a home on lots of platforms. I welcome any feedback, ideas and advice for moving forward and if you feel like you’d like to get involved down the line then I would love to hear from you.

That’s about it for now, I think I have covered everything. Thanks so much for your continued support. I promise these will become more slick eventually... bad grammar and spelling mistakes are inevitable!

I don’t know how to sign off, so for now I will just say...



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